Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson has been an iconic symbol of excellence in the farming industry for generations. The long-standing agricultural equipment producer has been manufacturing innovative, reliable and highly advanced tractors since the beginning. Massey Ferguson has spread far and wide, starting with a single one-acre farmer. This Model produces units on hundreds of hectares. Also, it now provides cutting-edge tools to countless agribusinesses and families alike. For those in the farming industry, Massey Ferguson has become an integral part of the success of their livelihoods.

At Tractors Massey, everyone should have access to the best car models. That’s why we have plants worldwide to manufacture our models. This way, this Model caters to every market’s specific buying power.

We understand each market’s needs and preferences. We can succeed in becoming the premier tractor manufacturer. That’s why we strive to produce tractors that meet the customer’s needs in every local market.

These models are popular amongst local farmers in Sudan. So, it is ideal on an international level due to its affordability and low maintenance costs. These values make us a highly acclaimed name in the farming industry.

Massey Ferguson 290

We introduce the Brand New MF 290, the most popular choice amongst small-scale farmers. However, the MF 290 is a 78HP 2WD tractor with amazing affordability and low fuel consumption. Plus, this Model has the easy maintenance that every farmer looks for. For those needing extra power, the 2WD can switch to a 4WD option to tackle any challenge. Let the Brand New MF 290 simplify your farm work today!

Our newest tractor offers an aerodynamic look and a stylish wrapper. With a smart steering wheel that reduces the effort to steer, this Model is amazing. Under the hood is a durable and highly efficient engine with low noise and a vertical muffler located under the bonnet. It is powered by a 4.41L – 4 cylinder direct injection engine. So, you know you can trust this car to be reliable and efficient on any road trip you take!

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson 385

Massey Ferguson MF 385 2WD tractor is wondering the tractor industry with its efficient and durable design. The MF 385 2WD runs on low emissions while maintaining a high power and performance level.

Our diesel engine delivers the highest level of performance without compromising on the noise level. Therefore, it meets the ECE R49 standard for gaseous emission, and our smoke level is significantly lower than others in the market. To ensure maximum efficiency, we’ve added an oil cooler to aid with cooling and hydrostatic power steering.

Massey Ferguson 375

The Brand New Massey Ferguson 375 has arrived! With its cutting-edge 75HP engine, this top-model tractor is the preferred choice by farmers and agriculturalists across the globe. Thanks to its modern design and versatility, the MF-375 is revolutionizing farming processes and making hard work more enjoyable and efficient than ever.

Whether tilling the soil or preparing for the next harvest, you can trust New Massey Ferguson 375 for superior results. It also stands out with its intuitive design and built-in convenience features. Therefore, perfect for farmers of any experience level, the Massey Ferguson MF 385 2WD tractor is truly changing the way we farm.

Massey Ferguson 240

At Tractors Massey, we aim to bring you the best tractor technology. The MF-240 tractor specifically gives farmers the ultimate combination of fuel efficiency, powerful engines, and versatility. With its compact size and incredibly reasonable prices, you won’t have to break the bank to get the quality you deserve. And don’t just take our word for it; many farmers worldwide have found success with the MF-240, citing its powerful engine and efficient performance. If you want to see the power of Massey Ferguson 240 2wd Tractor, look at the MF-240.

Massey Ferguson 390

Massey Ferguson MF tractors provide power, stability, and traction, unlike any other 2WD tractor on the market. Our MF 390 4WD tractor can pull up to 20 tons of weight while remaining eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. With Massey Ferguson MF, you get the power you need with the peace of mind you want.

Massey Ferguson 265

Since its debut in 1965, the Massey Ferguson 265 tractor has become a global fan favorite. This tractor is an incredible powerhouse due to its reliable 4 cylinder Perkins engine that produces a reliable 60 HP. However, Its efficiency, affordability and ruggedness gain reliability to the test of time with Massey Ferguson 265. The MF 265 is incredibly popular amongst farmers and hobbyists alike who value a tractor they can trust and will never let them down. Contact us

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