Boom Sprayer

Boom sprayer is specialized farm machinery for sale in Ghana for the application of micro-nutrients in extensive farming. Upon withdrawing the boom sprayer assembly it can transform into a power sprayer that drizzles fungicide and pesticides to the premature and mature plantations of citrus, pomegranate, mango, and other fruits. On the other hand, these farm equipments Ghana are also beneficial for vegetable crops to aid them from diseases and paste during short periods. Amongst various significant components of the boom sprayer there comes a nozzle that disintegrates the fertilizer into small droplets that transfer to the target via air. Not only farmers can bring increment in crop production but also minimize the cost of labor and time. The completely integrated boom sprayer work while being closer to the land. In this way, it becomes uncomplicated for the farmers to locate which place has been sprayed and what is still left.


Boom Sprayer specification

Sprayer Type Truck Bed Boom
Horizontal Distance 35′ – 55′ Up to 30′
Flow Rate Maximums 9.6 – 18 GPM Pump/Nozzles
Pressure Ranges Up to 725 PSI Up to 60 PSI
Hose Length 100′ – 300′ (x2) N/A