Boom Sprayer

The boom sprayer for sale in Kenya is aquatinted use pesticides, liquid fertilisers, and other types of fluids in the agricultural field during the cycle of vegetation. For a variety of crops like vegetables, cotton, sugarcane, etc. the farmers utilise these farm equipments Kenya. For the fact, the height of the boom sprayer is completely adaptable in order to validate that each plantation receives the accurate quantity of the spray being dropped. Usually, it comes with large space tanks which range from 500 to 600 litres. In addition, the boom sprayer farm implements for sale appear in different sizes with the large size exceeds to 100 ft. However, the smaller boom sprayer functions as smallholdings and acreage. On the other hand, there is a manual push that works in combination with the boom sprayer for drizzling the chemicals to the compact spaces and farms.


Boom Sprayer specification

Sprayer Type Truck Bed Boom
Horizontal Distance 35′ – 55′ Up to 30′
Flow Rate Maximums 9.6 – 18 GPM Pump/Nozzles
Pressure Ranges Up to 725 PSI Up to 60 PSI
Hose Length 100′ – 300′ (x2) N/A