Disc Plough

A disc plough is a farm equipment that intends to operate in different kinds of lands in particular with the engrained, rocky, and hard soil.  In addition, the disc plough for sale in Kenya is used to unbolt new fields while aiding in processing the rocky zones. It arrives in different 2, 3 and 4 number of discs. The working of these farm equipments for sale in Kenya is not troublesome. For the fact, the spring loaded glide of the back furrow wheel which in turn manages the lateral draft by ensuring accurate functions and making the supervision of small sized tractors easy. This beneficial agricultural asset is used where the ordinary plough does not work like in the case where deep ploughing is required. As far as the compatibility of this disc plough is concerned it can easily fix with the tractors with the Horse Power of 75.



Frame Type:                            Tubular Seamless Steel Pipe

Number of furrow:                  2, 2+1, 3, 3+1

Furrow width:                          254 mm

Max. Working depth:              300 mm.

Longitudinal clearance:            522 mm

Furrow wheel diameter:         508 mm

Plain discs:                               660 mm – inside or outside level

Bearings:                                 Taper roller

Weight:                                   360 KG (3 Furrow)

Tractor Compatibility:             50 to 85 HP