Offset Disc Harrow

The offset Disc Harrow farm implements for sale in Kenya make the fragmenting and reversal of the mud appropriate. This offset disc harrow varies from the other farm equipments Kenya in terms of better penetration and the friction. The penetration rate enables the breakdown of big clods that usually is left behind after Chisel or disc ploughing. Although the offset disc harrow is on a heftier side but the tractors of different Horse Powers can easily fix with it. Other than this, the sturdy build allows the farmers to utilise it as a trail or mount which is suitable for mixing and chopping crop leftovers and stubbles within the mud. Not just this, the preparation of seedbed is not an arduous task now with this farm machinery for sale in Kenya that relinquish the soil in the gritty form to produce a fine version of the yield.


Offset Disc Harrow Specifications

MT-03 (M)
MT-03 (H)
No. of Discs.
14 Discs
16 Discs
Disc Size
61 cm (24″)
61 cm (24″)
685 Kgs
Working width
145 cm (57″)
167.5 cm (66″)
Tractor Compatibility
50 HP
60 – 85 HP