Offset Disc Harrow

The offset Disc Harrow is a profound digging implement that comprises cutting edges made of metal discs. This highly significant agricultural equipment is known for preparing the soil prior to the sowing procedure. In farming it serves other motives from eradicating lifeless grass, making the bed of seeds to leveling the heavy mud. With the help of these farm implements for sale in Republic of Congo , the desirable growth of plants can be achieved by rendering appropriate aeration to the soil. Among the different varieties of this farm machinery for sale in Republic of Congo , the offset disc harrow can easily attach to the Massey Ferguson tractors ranging from 68 to 85 Horse Power. Unlike other farm machinery, the Offset Disc Harrow works on the simple formula by quickly fragmenting the lumps in the mud to give it a rich look. Other than this, the farmer’s utilities this farm tool for getting rid of weeds. With its razor-sharp blades which assist it in mincing the unnecessary weed. Therefore we can say that it plays a vital role in the enhancement of crop yields.


Offset Disc Harrow Specifications

MT-03 (M)
MT-03 (H)
No. of Discs.
14 Discs
16 Discs
Disc Size
61 cm (24″)
61 cm (24″)
685 Kgs
Working width
145 cm (57″)
167.5 cm (66″)
Tractor Compatibility
50 HP
60 – 85 HP