Boom Sprayer

The Boom sprayer also named as low plant sprayer which is of use in certain situations of the exclusive vegetations. These include barley, wheat, corn, tomatoes, and other crops. It consists of a single boom that comes with several independent nozzles that are positioned at a preset distance. Other than this, the nozzle height is according to the plantation which makes sure the equal distribution of the liquid or chemical. The main function of the boom sprayer is to split the chemical into minute droplets to safeguard the farm land. As far as the capacity of the sprayer is concerned you can add a large amount of herbicide or fertiliser in this farm machinery. However, upon installation with the turrets, this farm implement can also serve multi-purpose by performing irrigation with the spraying. Due to its compact structure, it does not require more maintenance that is also not prone to any wreckage from hitting any barrier.


Boom Sprayer specification

Sprayer Type Truck Bed Boom
Horizontal Distance 35′ – 55′ Up to 30′
Flow Rate Maximums 9.6 – 18 GPM Pump/Nozzles
Pressure Ranges Up to 725 PSI Up to 60 PSI
Hose Length 100′ – 300′ (x2) N/A