Disc Plough

The disc plough is one of the farm implements that initiates the prominent soil tasks. It is built to plough the loam enormously to lessen the strength while protecting elements of the plant. These beneficial farm equipments also utilised in destroying pests and insects so that the crops can remain intact. On the other hand, the disc plough has the ability to work effectively even when the substantial segment of the disc is wear away in the erosive mud. In the situations where reclamation and hefty vegetation growth are required then these implements abandon the trash on the anterior side of the land to preserve the moisture of the soil. As far as the lifting of this farm machinery  is concerned it can handle up to 30 kg of weight. Also, the discs of the plough are weighty that also helps in the chopping of weed.



Frame Type:                            Tubular Seamless Steel Pipe

Number of furrow:                  2, 2+1, 3, 3+1

Furrow width:                          254 mm

Max. Working depth:              300 mm.

Longitudinal clearance:            522 mm

Furrow wheel diameter:         508 mm

Plain discs:                               660 mm – inside or outside level

Bearings:                                 Taper roller

Weight:                                   360 KG (3 Furrow)

Tractor Compatibility:             50 to 85 HP