Offset Disc Harrow

The disc harrow is an important farm tool that ensures the growth of the plantations by monitoring the soil. This farm machinery performs the task of splitting up the mud while slashing the agricultural farm into doable rows. The cutting option in an offset disc harrow is adjustable which means you can move it to the right and left direction as per the need. In addition, it will aid in positioning in offset setting when attached with the Massey Ferguson tractors in Sudan. Other than this, these are well-known farm implements for cutting style as it gives a very even cut in the soil. You can also observe the blade structure which is aggressive kind to do all the chores precisely in the given time. For instance, when it comes to slashing the high plantation including hay fields,  corn fields, and cover crops the farmers can trust the offset disc harrow.


Offset Disc Harrow Specifications

MT-03 (M)
MT-03 (H)
No. of Discs.
14 Discs
16 Discs
Disc Size
61 cm (24″)
61 cm (24″)
685 Kgs
Working width
145 cm (57″)
167.5 cm (66″)
Tractor Compatibility
50 HP
60 – 85 HP