Boom Sprayer

A boom sprayer is the most common yet powerful equipment for masking and pasturing most of the land area to impact vast plantations. However, this farm implement can be fixed with any model of the Massey Ferguson tractor that is of use in remote areas. This tractor mounted farm implement gives the convenience of control and arrangement of a well-built vent that ejects out any type of chemical accurately. Mostly all the cultivators get benefit from a boom sprayer for the fact it requires less labour. Since there is less labour work needed the farmers can remain safe from getting any infection from herbicides and pesticides. Other than this, boom sprayers get any agricultural chore done within minutes without the help of a farmer. For instance, in the case of lands like mango orchards and Vineyards accuracy of spray is quite important since these fruits catch infection rapidly.



Boom Sprayer specification

Sprayer Type Truck Bed Boom
Horizontal Distance 35′ – 55′ Up to 30′
Flow Rate Maximums 9.6 – 18 GPM Pump/Nozzles
Pressure Ranges Up to 725 PSI Up to 60 PSI
Hose Length 100′ – 300′ (x2) N/A