Disc Plough

The disc plough is one of the farm implements that has been built to perform efficiently in all kinds of lands and soils. In most cases, the farmer utilises this disc plough frequently in rocky and stony fields. For the dry and stubborn farmland situation and where digging is an arduous task, the disc plough works quite well. The plough comprises up to 5 bottoms with a choice to provide additional kit for the long narrow trench. When this farm equipment is combined with a scrapper plough it helps in upturning the soil pan at a slow speed. Apart from this, you can find various types of disc ploughs that are used for specific purposes. For instance, different hitch types are known as mounted, semi-mounted, and trailed disc plough. No matter what type of disc plough you buy but all serve these farm implements serve the purpose of the primary tillage process.



Frame Type:                            Tubular Seamless Steel Pipe

Number of furrow:                  2, 2+1, 3, 3+1

Furrow width:                          254 mm

Max. Working depth:              300 mm.

Longitudinal clearance:            522 mm

Furrow wheel diameter:         508 mm

Plain discs:                               660 mm – inside or outside level

Bearings:                                 Taper roller

Weight:                                   360 KG (3 Furrow)

Tractor Compatibility:             50 to 85 HP