Offset Disc Harrow

An offset disc harrow is a useful tool for performing soil formation procedures by cultivators. It is a versatile farm implement made for executing heavy operations from surfacing the hard soil to eradicating deceased grass and making the seedbed for root activation. On the other hand, this offset disc harrow can be of use when there is a need to smash the clods in the mud swiftly and in an efficient manner. Therefore, giving it a rich after look so that it can aid in preparing the seedbed. However, it is important for the agriculturalist to buy a tractor implement if they wish to enhance the production of the crops. This offset disc harrow can be mounted to different models of Massey Ferguson tractors to perform soil management. Also, it can be easily transported from one location to another for throwing the mud in different areas.



Offset Disc Harrow Specifications

MT-03 (M)
MT-03 (H)
No. of Discs.
14 Discs
16 Discs
Disc Size
61 cm (24″)
61 cm (24″)
685 Kgs
Working width
145 cm (57″)
167.5 cm (66″)
Tractor Compatibility
50 HP
60 – 85 HP