Why The MF 290 And 385 2wd Tractors Are The Perfect Machines?

Are you in the market for a reliable tractor to meet your agricultural needs? Look no further than the MF 290 and Massey Ferguson 385 2wd Tractor models. Open the link to get a discount.

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These two models from Massey Ferguson offer powerful performance, outstanding durability, and advanced features, making them the perfect machines for any farm. Read on to learn more about why the MF 290 and 385 2wd are the perfect machines for your farm.

Is MF 290 Tractor A Versatile Model?

The MF 290 Tractor is a mid-range tractor that balances power, reliability, and affordability. With an engine capacity of 80hp, it is strong enough to take on most tasks yet small enough in more confined spaces. It also comes with a range of attachments, allowing you to adapt it to the job at hand.

  1. 80hp engine delivers plenty of power
  2. 4WD option available for increased traction
  3. Range of attachments available to customize the machine to your needs
  4. The ergonomic design makes operation comfortable and efficient
  5. Reliable and affordable
  6. Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs due to smaller engine size
  7. Not as efficient as some of the higher-end models

Technical Features Of MF 290 2wd Tractor

  • 4-cylinder turbocharged engine
  • Available in either cab or platform versions
  • Hydraulically driven clutch
  • Power take-off (PTO) speed of 540 rpm
  • Manual and electric three-point hitch system
  • Standard two-wheel drive
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Front axle suspension for superior ride
  • Large range of attachments for any farming application

Massey Ferguson 385 2wd Tractor

The MF 385 2wd is the perfect tractor for farmers looking for a reliable and powerful machine. The MF 385 2wd comes with a four-cylinder engine with a maximum power output of 85 horsepower. This allows it to easily handle tasks such as plowing, baling, harvesting, and more.

The MF 385 2wd also features a four-speed transmission. It allows you to switch between speeds depending on the task. It also has a two-stage clutch, providing smooth and efficient shifting between gears. Additionally, the MF 385 2wd comes with a hydrostatic power steering system, providing easy maneuverability and precise control.

  • Powerful 85 horsepower engine
  • Four-speed transmission
  • Two-stage clutch
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Versatile and capable of handling various farming tasks
  • Not as fuel efficient as other models
  • Relatively large and can be difficult to maneuver in tight areas
  • Can be difficult to service due to its large size

Pros And Cons Of 385 2wd Tractor

  • The compact size makes it suitable for smaller spaces
  • Powerful, fuel-efficient engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission makes for easy operation
  • Three-point linkage enables easy attachment of implements
  • A versatile range of attachments is available
  • Excellent visibility from the cab
  • Front axle design means that the machine can be prone to ground damage
  • Limited range of speeds
  • Limited hydraulic lift capacity compared to larger models
  • Costlier than smaller models

Both Machines Are Easy To Operate

The MF 290 and 385 2wd tractors are ideal for user-friendly operation. These machines feature easy-to-use, intuitive controls, making them a perfect choice for farmers new to using tractors. The large LCD display is also easy to read and allows you to monitor your tractor’s performance as you work.

The transmission of both models offers two gears, providing smooth shifts while operating. The MF 290 comes with a hydrostatic transmission that makes it easier to use than the standard manual transmission. As an added bonus, these machines have durable brakes that make stopping on a dime a breeze. This ensures you have maximum control over your tractor, no matter the terrain or situation.

Are Both Models Built To Last?

The MF 290 and 385 2wd Tractors are built with long-lasting durability and reliability. The MF 290 has been designed to be a workhorse, with its heavy-duty construction and robust frame. It has a rugged yet lightweight body that is perfect for traversing rough terrain.

The MF 385 2wd also has strong construction and provides years of trouble-free operation. Both tractors feature tough steel frames and stand up to the toughest conditions. The engine of MF 290 has a 4-cylinder Perkins engine, while the MF 385 has a 3-cylinder diesel engine, both of which are reliable and durable. Additionally, both tractors can reduce maintenance costs by having easy access to parts and components, so you can keep them running for longer.


The MF 290 and 385 2wd tractors are some of the most reliable and powerful machines on the market. However, they offer a wide range of features that make them perfect for any farm, from their versatility to easy operation. Whether you’re looking for a new tractor or want to upgrade your current one. Moreover, the MF 290 and 385 2wd should be at the top of your list.