Boom Sprayer

As the name suggests a boom sprayer is driven by a tractor for the purpose of drizzling chemicals and the safeguarding crops in the field. When the boom sprayer is on the front side it will allow the farmer to see the working site properly. On the contrary, the nozzle of the boom sprayer for sale in Zimbabwe locates on the backside in order to provide a constant view of each nozzle. In this way, the farmer can operate these farm equipments Zimbabwe near to the land to minimise the drift.

Coming to its performance which is based on the multi-functional controls placed in the right position to ensure precise grip of transmission, throttle, and boom. Unlike other farm implements used for spraying, this can cover large distances with faster speed and increase hectares speed each hour. In addition, it is manufactured in a way to avoid sinking in the wet areas and to avoid any damage to the plantations.


Boom Sprayer specification

Sprayer Type Truck Bed Boom
Horizontal Distance 35′ – 55′ Up to 30′
Flow Rate Maximums 9.6 – 18 GPM Pump/Nozzles
Pressure Ranges Up to 725 PSI Up to 60 PSI
Hose Length 100′ – 300′ (x2) N/A