Farm Ridger

The farm ridger is one of the most important farm implement that heaps up and gathers up the soil at variance with crops planted in rows. The farm Ridger for sale in Zimbabwe is most professional when it comes to the structure and function. It is considered the primary soil tillage machinery that usually mounts from the hydraulic lifting system of the tractor. As per each plantation, it gives support to form accurate ridges while removing undesirable roots.

These farm implements for sale in Zimbabwe make the ridges for row plantations including potatoes, chilies, sugarcane, and bananas. However, while forming ridges it is to ensure that a farm ridger can be utilised when the soil is wet and for one or two times.

On the other side, since farmers want absolute growth of their crops that also can be achieved by these farm equipments Zimbabwe because of possessing the impeccable power of 40-50 Horse Power.

Farm Ridger

Farm Ridger Specification

Max. Row spacing 711m (decreasing in increments of 25mm)
Clearance (under Frame) 550 m
Tractor Compatibility 45-85 Hp
Depth 1,050mm
Weight 145 Kg