Offset Disc Harrow

An offset harrow is a type of farm equipment that comprises sharp cutting edges with a set of discs made up of metal. These metal discs are scalloped that can be placed in an oblique position. However, there comes a well-built and robust main frame of the offset disc harrow along with the indestructible spools made of cast iron to support the centre weight. Upon this feature, the wear and tear that may happen can be prohibited.

The offset disc harrow farm implement Zimbabwe can be mounted on various models of Massey Ferguson tractors for sale with a Horse Power ranging from 68 to 85. In most scenarios, this tractor-mounted farm machinery can be utilised for the purpose of soil tilling where crops are cultivated. On the contrary, the undesirable remainders of crops and weeds can be removed with the help of an offset disc harrow


Offset Disc Harrow Specifications

MT-03 (M)
MT-03 (H)
No. of Discs.
14 Discs
16 Discs
Disc Size
61 cm (24″)
61 cm (24″)
685 Kgs
Working width
145 cm (57″)
167.5 cm (66″)
Tractor Compatibility
50 HP
60 – 85 HP