Massey Ferguson 385 2WD

What Makes MF 385 2WD Incredibly Superior?

The Massey Ferguson 385 2WD tractor is a reliable machine that farmers have used for many years. With a strong engine and durable construction, this Tractor can handle any job you need it to. If you’re looking for a dependable workhorse. MF 385 2WD is definitely worth considering. 

If you’re in the market for a used tractor, the Massey Ferguson 385 2WD is worth considering. It’s also perfect for landscaping and other light construction work. So if you’re looking for a versatile piece of equipment that can handle a variety of tasks, go for Massey Ferguson 385 2WD.

Looking for a Massey Ferguson 385 2WD tractor? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Tractorsmassey, we have a wide selection of Massey Ferguson tractors to choose from, including the 385 2WD models. Finding the right Tractor can difficult. Our team is here to help you make the best decision for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the MF 385 2WD tractor and our other models in Tanzania.

Tractorsmassey, a leading company in four-wheel drive tractors for sale in 2021, is now accepting orders to produce Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 385 2wd Tractors. This new model has been popular among its predecessor’s customers. It will available at an affordable price with features that make it stand out from other similar vehicles.

There are other names manufacturing NH 70 – 56, which can also compete within this category but needs more time before entering the production phase. According to their plan because they want perfectionist standards set by themselves when producing a quality product.

What Are The Most Prominent Features Of MF 385 2WD?

This is the perfect vehicle for any farmer who needs to work their land. With its powerful engine and reliable transmissions, this machine will ease you through even rough terrain. This 2WD Tractor will help improve efficiency by decreasing travel distance while achieving desired results. It also comes standard. So there’s no need to worry about additional installations or mods before getting started on those long grassy fields this summer. Turn them over freely without worrying where they’ll end up. Because we’ve got everything covered here at Tractors Massey.

What Technical Specifications Make MF 385 2WD Model Advanced?

This Tractor’s powerful and efficient engine provides up to 85 horsepower and increased torque. With such high-performance characteristics you can use it for all kinds of tasks without worrying about fuel economy. Therefore, the Perkins/441 model has four cylinders with a 15:1 compression ratio that offers smooth operation thanks partly to its cooling water system. Which keeps things running smoothly under pressure.

The MF 385 2WD tractor is a powerful workhorse with its dual-clutch type made of cerametallic material 305x254mm in diameter. The twelve volts, 96 Ah battery and 45A/2 KW alternator is mounted inside this machine. with an average road speed ranging from 24 – 28 km per hour depending on the terrain you’re driving through or if it’s being pulled by another vehicle such as horse manure for example.

With the help of lower links, this system’s maximum lifting capacity is 2145 kg. For the PTO type, it has live ignition and gives off 540 rpm at 1789 engine speeds. The input provides information about how much weight an individual can lift with their hydraulic-operated fork lift trucking equipment. Before considering other factors like terrain or road conditions.

Massey Ferguson 385 2WD Reviews And Price

The Massey Ferguson 385 4wd Tractor is one of the most sought-after machines on earth. Now you can find it in our latest stock. You’ll able to buy this amazing piece for $7000 starting now. It is designed for high performance and fuel efficiency. Moreover, this tool is perfect when troubleshooting your engine’s performance in a hurry.

The Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD Tractor is low fuel consumption, multi-purpose and multi-function Mr. This means it can do many things at once! The Massey Ferguson MF 385 has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. So it can handle any job you throw at your Tractor! 

With its impressive power output of 2005 HP while still being fuel efficient thanks in part to better burning habits. The additional oil cooler and high PTO speed for effective cooling won’t matter if things get hot. Therefore, The engine will stay cool enough for extended periods without experiencing damage or wear.

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