Massey Ferguson 360 Tractors for sale

Here is what we differentiate about this Massey Ferguson 360 Tractor. It revenues a 3-cylinder Perkins diesel engine that possessions 60 HP and it has elective two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models that deliberate 4925 pounds. View the Massey Ferguson 360 specs underneath. The Massey Ferguson 360 Tractor has a kind 1 and 2 three-point difficulties and a demanded PTO of 50 hp. The Massey Ferguson 360 Tractor expose on the port with a cab and rear addition.

Massey Ferguson tractors assortment from subcompact to mid-range and row-crop models. All can intend for dependability and an inexpensive cost of tenure, whatever the application. While Your choice of a Massey Ferguson tractor will bring performance for years to come, and recall a sturdy reselling value should you pick to progress your fleet in the future?

About Massey Ferguson Tractors:

Massey Ferguson has been manufacturing tractors for several years during which time they’ve established a standing for innovation and a valued place in the fleets of some agricultural processes. The company’s team of products includes:

  • Subcompact and compact tractors accomplishment from 22 to 59 horsepower – a cheap choice for light farming and redesigning applications
  • Versatile utility tractors that can organize with a wide variety of tools and apparatuses
  • Mid-range tractors between 95 and 140 horsepower that offer collaboration among power and fuel efficiency
  • High-horsepower row-crop tractors envisioned for performance in demanding applications

Which tractor is right for you? This booklet will help you choose how many tractors you want before making a purchase. 

Massey Ferguson 360 Attachments – Implements:

The Massey Ferguson 360 Tractor comes fortified with a 3-point hitch system with a PTO output. This will let you attach an extensive variety of accessories to this tractor. As shown above, we have a special variety of gears based on the Massey Ferguson 360 specs. That we recommend and transmit to fit this tractor. Though, this may not be a truly complete Massey Ferguson 360 Attachments list.

Please feel free to connect with us if you have supplementary attachments picked out from our website that you are seeing attaching to your Massey Ferguson 360 and want to identify if it is a good fit. While We are glad to share our wide acquaintance about Massey Ferguson 360 implements.

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