Massey Ferguson 375 2WD Tractors for Sale in Botswana

Agriculture plays a very vital role in the economy and development of any country. And it is the main source of food. There is a growing need for agricultural products in the world.

The Massey Ferguson Tractors ranges from 50hp to 85hp are the best agricultural machinery manufactured in Pakistan. Many African countries are buying these tractors from Pakistan. Tractors Massey is the most trusted company of brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in Botswana. Our Massey Ferguson 375 2WD Tractor is something that comes number one in sales in the farmers in Botswana. It is one of the most powerful tractors around the globe.  

If you want the best tractor, then you should check out the Massey Ferguson 375. As I’ve narrowed down some features of the Massey Ferguson 375 Tractor.

Specifications of Massey Ferguson MF-375 Tractor

Here I’ve listed down the specifications of Massey Ferguson Tractor 375. So you can find what you are looking for.

Performance: Engine power of 75HP

Engine: Perkins 4.41 Diesel

No. of cylinders: 04

Steering: Hydrostatic Power Steering

Clutch: Dual Clutch, 305 x 254 mm (12 x 10 inches)

Gears: 8 forward, 2 Reverse sliding spur

Fuel Tank Capacity: 108 Liters

Lifting Capacity: 2145 kg

Massey Ferguson MF375 Main Features

The Massey Ferguson Tractor 375 powers a highly efficient low noise engine.

It produces 75 horsepower that provides a smoother ride.

You can use it in fields or for haulage purposes.

It is an ideal and versatile all-around tractor.

The spring suspension deluxe seat is so comfortable and easy to drive.

It comes with easy access to service points for the maintenance.

It has a high-performance fuel filter.

It produces less smoke due to its better fuel burning.

A good oil-immersed multi-disc brake system provides ease in riding.

It has an oil cooler for effective cooling.

Hydraulic front blade, farm trolley and water bowser are mostly attached with MF 375 tractors.

Massey Ferguson 375 2WD Tractor is pretty good as compared to other tractors. Massey Ferguson 375 tractor offers a bunch of quality features at reasonable prices. Thus if a flawless tractor is your priority, then you can go for Massey Ferguson 375 tractor.

Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 375 2WD Tractors for sale in Botswana

Tractors Massey deals in brand new Massey Ferguson tractors ranges from 50hp to 85hp in all over the worlds especially in Botswana. You are living anywhere in Botswana or any other part of the world farmers and tractors dealers are always ready to implementing the modern agriculture methods while using new modern farm implements to grow and profitable agricultural business.

Tractor Dealers and Suppliers in Botswana

Tractors Massey is the number one tractor dealers in Botswana offer agricultural farm tractors and farm Implements at affordable price. Our low price stock readily available for Botswana and other African countries.

How to order Massey Ferguson MF-375 Tractors in Botswana

Get in touch with our sales staff while using online contact form and WhatsApp and one of our sales members will guide you throughout the import process regarding agriculture tractors and farm Implement upto the Gaborone, Botswana.

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