Massey Ferguson 385 2wd Tractors for sale

Massey Ferguson 385 2wd tractor is the most existing and yet the most levelheaded priced in this range of tractors. MF 385 is made up to be the extended-term spy of the agriculturalists due to its power, fuel skill, grip and research speed, uniformity, and strength. Massey Ferguson 385 2WD Tractor is one of the most monitoring and durable farming tackles. Due to its best sturdiness, MF 385 can be your extended-term buddy for your farming odd trades. While Unrelatedly being the most powerful and resilient tractor, yet it is one of the most reasonably priced products by Massey Ferguson.

Massey Ferguson, a wide-reaching brand of TRACTORS MASSEY, has exposed a new assortment of 50hp-85hp tractors for designated African and Middle East markets. While The most conversant move will go with make stronger its manufactured belongings offering in the lower HP tractor zone in these lands and put forward a wider alternative to farmers looking for a sturdy and dependable versatile engine. In addition, to set off with these new MF 300 Series tractors, an advanced lineup of Massey Ferguson-branded devices is being visible for the locality. Moreover, We will happily welcome you to offer that specified product as you want at cheap prices.

Specification about MF 385 Tractors:

Massey Ferguson 385 tractor has a superior capacity as related to the other tractors which are presented in the market. This tractor has hydrostatic direction-finding. While It produces the chief output. It has several indicators that leave with an alarm in severe situations. Moreover, It has a premium transmitter that helps in enthralling the brake. Massey Ferguson 385 is a quick-speed tractor in the market owing to its exclusive features. If you want to get prices, components, parts, agricultural tools of tractors, and Massey Ferguson models call us.


  • Top Link
  • Cat-I & II Balls
  • Check Chains
  • Chain Stabilizers
  • Spring Suspension Seat
  • Weight Frame without Weights
  • Standard Tool Box with Set of Tools
  • Flat Top Fenders &
  • Operator’s Manual

Massey Ferguson 385 assessment delivery & booking:

TRACTORS MASSEY are transported after as regards 2 to 3 months of booking. The reservation cost formerly states. Moreover, Investors prefer to put money to book this model as it’s threatened black in Rs. above 1 Lac. Although its competitors NH Dabung 85 were launch by TRACTORS MASSEY which is stressful to intensify some carve up in the same.

MF 385 Tractor Price is a small improvement to dabung 85 tractors.  While Booking of MF 385 is leaving on all South Africa and Pakistan agreement systems of TRACTORS MASSEY. While After getting the full fee tractor will be transported within 3 months of duration/period. MF 385 tractor 2WD price may upsurge at the end of this year; we will bring up-to-date this page specified that.

TRACTORS MASSEY delivers a wide choice of tractor models:

TRACTORS MASSEY offers raised performance, additional ease, and firm quality. Best dependable engines using the newest technology work with prickly yet easy-to-use broadcasts to assemble the farmer’s requirements and get the most out of a comprehensive variety of tractor equipment, while keeping working charges to the least amount. Massey Ferguson made a hard-wearing status. The main achievements that allow that Why TRACTORS MASSEY is the most exceptional tractor company.

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